mardi 30 mars 2010

It used to be love...

It burns in my chest
like the Fires of Hell
the Frustration - the Anger - the Disgust
at everything you say
and everything you are

How did love turn itself upon us?
When did it all shatter and snap?
Your heart is in a million pieces,
and mine feels like hot steel.

I can't even look at you now.
It reminds me of all the
small - insignificant - annoying details
now turning into pits of Hate.

It feels like a century since I loved you,
like a story in an old, battered book
on the cruelty of life.
And there is no Happy Ending.

1 commentaire:

  1. At first the light of the world was unbearable.
    Yet as I crawl out of the murky cocoon I spun for myself, I can now see the beautiful colors. Colors of possibilities I could no longer see behind the thick shell of constant angst.
    Shedding the fear, the envy, the anger and the self-hating, I dry my wings and prepare to fly for the very first time.

    By gashing your way out of the dark snare I put over you, you woke me out of my slumber.

    For too long I watched you flutter with grace while I bogged myself down believing I could never fly like you. Your colors were so bright...I was soon spooing my jealousy at you, gluing you to the ground with me.

    But you tore free, leaving a crack in my self-hating cocoon. Leaving me no choice but fly or die.

    I just squeezed my way out. I hope you like my new colors, because these wings I owe to you.

    Thank you.